Illustration of Chris, an accessibility engineer at VMware, on his laptop with various objects and words about accessibility

IAAP CPWA small circular badge and horizontal name logo for International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA) credential. To the left is a dark blue circle with three lines of centered white text that read: IAAP Certified CPWA. There is a smaller silver circle that surrounds the dark blue inner circle that designates the CPWA credential color scheme. To the right, three lines of dark blue text. Top text reads Certified Professional, second line reads in Web Accessibility, third line reads International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

I am a Senior Accessibility Engineer at VMware. My current technical skills include ARIA, React, Angular and general front-end development. I also enjoy speaking about web development and accessibility.

On 12/12/18 I gave a talk called Accessible Routing with React for the Bay Area Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup group.


I also presented a session called Angular 2: Prototyping & Testing Accessible Widgets at CSUN 2017 based on my project A2A11yQuickstart.

Chris Lane like speaking about accessibility

You can also see me in the following training video about visual focus indication.