Accordion Form with auto collapse behavior

This is a of a form that contains accordions that close automatically after the user tabs away from each form field. This functionality is not accessible since it triggers a context change on user input.

See Avoid using event handlers that trigger focus or context changes on user input

Tested by Bryan Garaventa on 1/28/17. Here are the results. This does indeed demonstrate the problem why this is a bad idea. In testing with JAWS in IE11 and Firefox, tabbing forward and backward causes the accordion to close automatically, though this does not occur when arrowing up and down in the Virtual Cursor. In testing with NVDA in Firefox, the accordion closes automatically when tabbing forward and backward in the same manner as with JAWS, but it also closes automatically when arrowing up and down in the Virtual Buffer which makes this even less accessible as a result. In testing with VoiceOver on iOS, it is possible to open an accordion by tapping the button, then to hear the input field by moving one finger to it, at which point it is possible to double tap the input field in order to set typing focus to it. However after this point when you move your finger away from the field the accordion closes automatically making the edit field impossible to interact with and to type information into. So this type of implementation causes critical path failures across various devices and is a critical accessibility issue that must be fixed by the client. Bryan Garaventa Accessibility Fellow SSB BART Group, Inc.